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txt from: http://www.lifescript.com/Health/Conditions/Depression/What_Not_to_Say_to_a_Depressed_Mate.aspx?utm_source=2leep&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=001

Which piece of advice will most likely cheer up a clinically depressed person?

A. “Pull yourself together.”
B. “Look on the bright side.”
C. “Don’t worry. It’s nothing serious.”

The answer: None of the above. Such statements probably will make a depressed mate or friend feel worse!

1. “Snap out of it.”Depression is a miserable experience; no one would choose to have it.

2. “Just think positive.”People with depression often perceive themselves and the world in an overly negative light. They're incapable of seeing the bright side of a situation. 

3. “Relax. It’s no big deal.”“Truth is, depression really hurts a person’s ability to function”.
Better to say: “Do you feel like you want to hurt yourself?”
If someone is seriously depressed, don’t be afraid to discuss suicide.

4. “I know exactly how you feel.”This statement sounds empathetic, but really isn’t. If you’ve never been clinically depressed, you can’t know what it feels like. 

5. “Have a drink. You’ll feel better.”“Alcohol may lessen the immediate pain of depression, but over time, it only makes the hurt worse”.
Better to say: “Want to go for a walk?”    

6. “Stop feeling so sorry for yourself.”A judgmental tone makes depressed people feel sadder.

7. “You have so much to be happy about.”The criticism here is subtle. “All this statement does is guilt-trip”.

8. “Wait and see how you feel tomorrow.”That approach might have worked for Scarlett O’Hara. But depression that sticks around for weeks or months isn’t going to suddenly disappear when the sun comes up the next day. The sooner the person seeks treatment, the faster they can start feeling better.

9. “It’s all up to you now.”Depression is very treatable, but full recovery takes time, commitment and support. 

Could You Be Depressed?
Depression affects 20 million people in any given year and is a serious enough disorder to compromise one's ability to function normally day to day. Find out if you're just blue or if you might be clinically depressed.

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